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Why We’re Different?

Not your average Wellness

Convergence is a Merger of Modern Science & Technology, with Holistic Health & Healing Practices, and Medicines. In order to bring the Spirit, Mind, and Body Naturally back into a state of Homeostasis (Balance).

To accomplish this we have 3 main focuses: Healing, Health, and Rehab


We assist the body in its natural healing process, with services like our Therapeutic Massage Therapy. Whether you’re trying to recover from an old injury, or a tough workout at the gym.


Our goal is to help you improve your health and balance your body. With the help of our Functional Fitness/Movement Programs, or our Nutrition Consulting.


Sometimes recovering from an injury/trauma can be a long, painful, and frustrating challenge, without the right guidance. So we’re here to help you with a customized program of our services, specifically tailored to get you back on the road to recovery.

Our Services

Functional Fitness/Movement

Teaching your body how to move more effectively, while burning fat, reducing injury, and toning muscle. In 1⁄2 the time of traditional workouts, with our high energy 30 minute workouts.

Virtual Personal Training

All the same benefits as our in person workouts, but now with the comfort and convenience of having your workouts live online.

Plant Based Nutrition Consulting

Starting on the path of a Plant Based Diet, but not sure where to start or how to make it work with your busy schedule? Let us help. We’ll go over your current eating habits, break down your goals, and help create a plan to help you succeed on your Plant Based Journey.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Sore/stiff muscles, reduced range of motion, low back pain? We’ve got the treatments for that. One of our 60, 90, or 120 minute Therapeutic Massages, is the answer for what ales your body.

Injury Rehab Programs

“It’s not that you can’t do it. We just need to teach you another way to do it!” Our Injury Rehab Programs are designed to not only help you in your recovery from old or newer injuries, but to show you how to continue to thrive in your daily life during your rehab.

Our Team

Travis Robinson

Functional Movement Specialist, Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist

Getting his start working on Fort Carson Army Base, as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. Travis Developed his skills and interest in fitness, functional movement, and injury rehab. While working with Active Duty & Veteran Military members. Being both a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, gives Travis a unique view and insight on how the body is designed to move, and how to approach it’s treatment. Especially when it comes to injury.

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